Alan Gray has helped my son with his physics A level over the last year, and has at all times been an excellent and dedicated tutor. It was not easy finding a tutor for my son, as he is aiming for the very highest level. With many tutors I got the impression that they were more comfortable moving students up from a C to a B, than helping them to excel in their subject. Alan seemed very different, and is truly able to teach at a high level, whilst being very thorough in instilling the basic concepts too.

My son loved the tutorials and looked forward to them each week. As well as thoroughly covering the syllabus, to the point where my son can realistically hope for an A* this summer, Alan was able to discuss all kinds of interesting extra things with him, from derivations of formulae to quantum tunnelling. He was also meticulous about setting work and marking it ahead of the tutorial, provided we got the work to him on time. In short, I would recommend Alan to anyone seeking a professional, highly skilled and very approachable tutor for their son or daughter. But make sure you contact him quickly, as he gets booked up fast!

Petra Lucien (Paphos, Cyprus)

Thank You so much. I got an A* and I couldn't have done it without your help. I really enjoyed the sessions. Your explanations were very clear and have helped me get a better understanding of physics. We would normally delve into topics that are normally covered at university or are current research projects and see how they are linked to the syllabus at school. This was something that I really enjoyed at it made me see the bigger picture.

Pranav, London (A-level Physics)

I got my results...guess what I got: an A in Physics!!! Thanks so much for all the help! :)

Orla, Scottish Borders (National 5 Physics)

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am of the lessons you have been giving me and will definitely recommend you to anyone who is in need of a tutor. Again thank you very much for everything!

George, Hampshire (A-level A2 Physics)