Online tuition

With the help of today's technology, online tuition has become an extremely effective and efficient means of learning.

The latest virtual classroom technology allows us to communicate using audio and video, whilst sharing an interactive whiteboard, documents or anything else that can be viewed on a screen. You do not need to buy any special software, all you need is a computer with a web-cam, microphone and headset or speakers. As the tutor, I use a "graphics tablet and pen" (which cost around £40) so I can quickly draw equations and graphs etc on the whiteboard. You can also do this if you wish, but the typical procedure (see below) will work fine without you having to buy this.

Here is an example of the online classroom in action, featuring an explanation of Einstein's famous E=mc2 equation. (Noting that, of course, real lessons contain much more 2-way interaction.)

The tuition is very flexible, but a typical cycle is as follows.

  • I will set you exercises, e.g. past paper questions, to do ahead of the tutorial.
  • You will send me images of your answers and working. These can be made using a scanner, digital camera or even phone (the quality doesn't matter, as long as they are readable).
  • We will work through these together during the lesson, focusing on the areas I have identified as those needing most work.

You will get an account on this website, and when you log in you will see your own personal page, where you can download exercises, upload answers, join each lesson etc, e.g.